The Audio-Visual Kitchen

The AUDIO-VISUAL KITCHEN, is a project developed by HANNES&SIMON. The project combines music and visual art with cooking. All the components are created live and in real time (music, visuals, and food) by the actions of the chef(s).

When the chef(s) starts to cook, he/she will start making sounds upon the different surfaces of the cooking platform. This will cause various audio-visual events, which will alter the present sound and images.

The cooking platform is rigged with several contact microphones (at least one per surface), an overhead microphone, and several cameras. The microphones pickup the sound from the surface they are placed upon, or from the surroundings, and send this to the computer. The computer uses the raw sound and processes it. The sound is put through filters (reverb, delay, etc.), without loosing it’s characteristics, and played through the sound system. Secondly, the computer analyses the data from the contact microphones (on/off, volume, pitch, etc.). This data is used to determine the music and musical effects, as well as the visual effects. The cameras are used to capture several different angles of the cooking platform. The live images that the cameras create are transmitted to the computer, which uses the data from the contact microphones to manipulate these images. Three versions of the visual data are projected upon three different surfaces of the AUDIO-VISUAL KITCHEN.

The result is a unique experience. The audiences experience a performance based multidisciplinary artwork. The artwork consists of live music, live visuals, live cooking, and beautiful recipes. The audience cannot only watch and listen but taste the recipes that the chef(s) make(s).